FCM_logoWelcome and thank-you for choosing Fruita Chiropractic and Massage for your chiropractic and massage therapy needs.  At Fruita Chiropractic and Massage we utilize chiropractic care, massage therapy, and home exercise programs to help you recover quickly and maintain your gains from treatment into the future.  The best treatments any patient can have are treatments the patient can do themselves. That is why it is very important for you to continue doing the home exercises as prescribed by your doctor.  If you have any questions about the exercises give us a call or check out our short video demonstrations at our website under the tips and tricks section (https://www.feelgoodfruita.com/Tips-Tricks/).

If this is your first visit to a chiropractor here are a few things to be aware of 

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]You may experience some soreness at the area of adjustment this is not uncommon.  Think of an adjustment like working out for the first time.  After the first workout you typically have some muscle soreness for a few days because you are working your muscles out in new ways.  This is the same for chiropractic we are putting motion back into segments in your spine that have been stuck and restricted.  If you are experiencing some soreness after your treatment put ice on the area for 20 minutes, if this does not help or you are concerned feel free to give us a call.

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]The next thing to remember is that chiropractic is not always a onetime fix.  In order for you to achieve the best outcome for your overall health our doctor will recommend a treatment plan that best suits you.  Acute (new pain) will typically resolve faster than chronic (long lasting pain).  If you have had chronic pain for 6 months or more one treatment will not make your pain all “magically” go away.  For chronic conditions we need to correct any muscle imbalances, postural abnormalities, or weaknesses that you may have that are causing your pain. 

[if !supportLists]·         [endif]Remember, pain is the LAST symptom to show up and the FIRST to leave.  If you stop care after the pain is gone and do nothing to correct the underlying cause you are setting yourself up for future injury.  A periodic check-up before symptoms return is a good way to ensure long lasting spine health and decrease your chances of having a severe onset of symptoms.

As your doctor I want you to understand your problem and its causes.  The better educated you are on your condition the more likely we will have positive outcomes for your treatment.  Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns you may have, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service by always putting you the patient first.

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