Dr. Blaha was kind, friendly and helpful from the very first visit. I began to improve immediately and have continued to improve in both mobility and comfort through his expert treatment. I could offer no better compliment than to say that I would recommend Dr. Jon Blaha to anyone who wants the highest level of Chiropractic treatment.
David B.

What makes us different?

At FCM there are no lengthy treatment plans or contracts to sign up for, x-rays are not required and are only taken if they are medically necessary.  Our staff combines the best of chiropractic and massage therapy to treat not only bony misalignments, but also any soft tissue adhesions that may form as a result of the injury.  Most people ask is the bone out of place or is it just a tight muscle?  The answer is the muscle is attached to the bone so if you have a sore or tight muscle in your back or neck you most likely also have a “bone out of place” better known as a subluxation.  By treating both the misalignment and the tight muscle recovery times can generally be improved.

Your chiropractor will also prescribe various exercises and stretches to help you recover at home and help to prevent future problems from reoccurring.

Do I have to keep coming back forever?

No you don’t.  However, once you have been adjusted and realize how much better you will feel with care as opposed to without it you will most likely want to come back.  For a new injury, you will most likely have to come back to help stabilize the area involved.  The body can only heal so fast and if you have the same nagging injury for years one adjustment is not going to cure you overnight.

Once your initial complaint has stabilized and you are recovered you can choose to either come back after you have a new complaint or you can choose to set-up a maintenance type plan.  You change your oil every 3,000 miles, go to the dentist every 6 months, have a yearly physical, tune-up your bike at the start of each season, common sense says you should have your spine checked over before symptoms return.

Posture Screening

You should have listened to your mother when she told you to sit and stand up straight.  At FCM we utilize the Posture Analysis software to help the patient see any postural imbalances they may have that may be contributing to their overall problem.  The posture screen is used to help educate the patient on how to correct their posture to prevent and correct any imbalances that may be present and prevent future problems.