I had suffered from both severe stiffness and pain in my neck for well over a year and a half and had found nothing helpful in relieving my pain and discomfort. I came to Dr. Jon Blaha after having been to both another chiropractor and a medical doctor, neither of whom had been helpful. The doctor wanted to medicate me with muscle relaxants which I did not want to take, even for a short while. Dr. Blaha was kind, friendly and helpful from the very first visit. I began to improve immediately and have continued to improve in both mobility and comfort through his expert treatment. I could offer no better compliment than to say that I would recommend Dr. Jon Blaha to anyone who wants the highest level of Chiropractic treatment.
David B.
I began going to Jon Blaha for chiropractic adjustments while training for my first full marathon. I had terrible pains in my feet that prevented me from following my running program. After my first appointment, I was able to run 12 miles pain-free. I continued with Jon throughout my training and completed the marathon without the previous aching in my lower legs and feet. He has incredible knowledge regarding the specific modalities runners require for optimal performance. Not only did he provide me with essential therapies during my session, but he also taught me techniques to use at home that are making it possible to train for my second marathon.
I’ve never met a medical professional who will follow up with you, just because he cares, like Dr. Jon at Fruita Chiropractic and Massage. Their service is top notch!
Michael K.
I have been a Physician Assistant for 23 years, mostly in the Emergency Department. I became a fan of Chiropractic care after experiencing my own back pain about 16 years ago. Care that is less invasive should be explored prior to any surgical intervention as ones FIRST option.

I found that Palmer trained Chiropractors have the best skill sets and best patient outcomes. In my current position I travel to some remote areas and make it a habit to seek out qualified medical providers to co- treat my patients in areas that are out of my scope of practice.

I was lucky to find Dr. Jon Blaha his clinical acumen is excellent as well as his interpersonal skills.

Having been a patient of Dr. Blaha myself, I cannot be more confident that when referring patients to Dr. Blaha he will do his utmost to help them in a prompt and uneventful recovery. It is also refreshing to have a common philosophy with regard to patient care.
Reasons to consider Dr. Jon Blaha to care for you.

1. He listens to the patient and pays attention to your symptoms [How Refreshing]

2. He examines patients to make an accurate diagnosis.

3. He outlines a treatment plan and provides a great adjustment.

4. He will initiate an exercise program when appropriate in order to maintain the alignment.

5. He has excellent judgment and he treat patients as he would like his love ones treated.

6. It is a rare doctor and person; that pays attention to his patients, No one can ask for anything better at this most confusing time when it comes to one’s health care.

James D. Piscioneri, Physician Assistant, Remote Medical